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"Rural America"

July 10-18, 2020

Over 50,000,000 Americans live in rural America.  That’s roughly 1 out of 7!  Not only is there a significant population in these communities, but the needs are just as significant or greater than their urban/suburban counterpart.  Drug and alcohol abuse, breakdown of the family, physical abuse and child neglect, poverty and unemployment describe several of the challenges facing these communities.  Tragically, a dramatic demise in the presence and influence of the church is accelerating the destructive impact of these problems.  Many churches are quietly dying off without so much as a fight (unless it is among themselves!) R.A.M. exists to reverse this downward spiral and promote the evangelization and revitalization of the rural communities of America by sharing the truth and grace of Christ through his word and compassionate action.

"Rural America" PROJECT: News & Updates
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