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What Does HOME mean to you?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

by NGM Web Team

Home is a place where you eat and sleep. It’s a place where you can do your homework and play games. Most importantly, though, home is a place where you are loved and cared for by your parents.

Though you might have experienced all of these in your home, there are children that never have. That’s why Coins for Kids is raising money for COMPACT Family Services this year: to allow children to have a safe, fun, and loving place to call home. At COMPACT, this place is called Hillcrest Children’s Home where children are given the opportunity to grow up with a loving and caring family!

When you give, your spare change will make a big difference, including covering the cost of repairing buildings; buying toys for special needs kids; and purchasing new children’s bedding, clothes and personal care items.

Your Coins for Kids offering will give kids at Hillcrest Children’s Home an opportunity to be a kid and grow up in a safe and loving home!

To earn more about COMPACT Family Services and download current resources, click here.

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