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Go Beyond this Year....Unconventional Sacrifice!!!!!

Jesus gave His life for us as an unconventional sacrifice. The God of heaven came to earth to give His life so that every person has the option of accepting His payment as a covering for our sins. Our missionaries give their lives as unconventional sacrifices. They travel to far parts of the world and live in dangerous places where most Christians would not be willing to go. They risk their lives by living in places with disease, danger, and persecution—all to share the gospel in ways most Christians would never consider. Our missionaries are heroes of our faith, and we want to support them in every way.

Our kids need to be challenged to unconventionally sacrifice their time and talent. As our kids unconventionally sacrifice, they are making a difference, they are helping to change the world, they are going above and beyond, and they are following in the example of Jesus so that whole world can hear.

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