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Monthly Missions Musing

Welcome June and summer! In the month of June there is an abundance of joy, hope and life. June 21 st is when the longest day of the year takes place which brings to mind light. Each day the brightness lasts longer. In the same way we are also meant to be light.

Matthew 5:16 says “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works

and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

We can be “light” to those in our Girl’s United orbit in a million ways. An encouraging word, a

bright smile, asking if there is a specific need we can pray for our leaders or girls.

As most of us wrap up our Kids ministry programs for the summer, encourage the girls to

continue to collect their coins for when we meet again. Every penny helps to spread the light

through our Coins for Kids ministries.

June happenings – GIRLZ EXPERIENCE – June 26 th 9 AM – 2PM see our website for more information and the link to register.

As always please share with us any events, fundraisers or just plain great news that you have

about your Girls United program. Keep shining those bright lights ��

God Bless!

Laura Purdon – Missions specialist NJ Girls United   email -

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